Lions In the Den

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Our past is never past, it’s said

Be it brief or long.

The beauty that informed it

What was dire

That made us strong

And the fortunate song-writer

Can save much of it in song.

For the most part I don’t think of what has come my way lyrically over the years as time-linked. Mostly I experience it as generated by some kind of universal resonance having more to do with simply being human than being a particular one in a particular place and time?

Scenery changes, and props, but for the most part the range and color of individual psychodrama seems much as has been remarked upon generation after generation, age after age. The forms evolve; the substance….not so much. Ergo…again…the past is always with us, just in its present form.

So….’Lions in the Den’….what’s that all about anyway? ‘Too wild to lure into the pen?’

That it was my head the lyrics popped into doesn’t make my take on them definitive.  However… me the song and these lines are about what exists unexpressed in our consciousness, in our emotional depths, that we strive to be able or brave or open enough to allow into the light.

It is the lament of a young man for his own sadness, for it’s pressing in on him despite his loving and being loved, regardless of the profound beauty to be experienced in all of his circumstances and the adventurous life upon which he found himself so fortunately embarked…..all precisely as hoped for.

What was that? What has it been….over the years….over centuries? Is it Adam, still itchy in Eden?

And what is this particular evocation of it now….in its present form? Well….hopefully, at least an engaging song.

Our Cabin at Herbert Arm 1970

Lions In the Den came into being as the love of my life and I absorbed the pearly evening twilight from the beach pictured here.  It is one of a couple of songs that stand up for me regardless of the inexperience I brought into the Inner Ear Studio on the Sunshine Coast back in the eighties to record an album called Land of the Tree. This version, recorded last fall, benefits from the technological advances since those days and the multi-faceted contributions of musician, producer, engineer and arranger Bill Buckingham. Enjoy.

[audio:|titles=Lions In The Den]

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