Hit ‘Em With Your Wet Spot

April by

There are many watering systems on the market. I use, with slight success, permious hose made from recycled tires. It functions as a barely adequate when I have no time to hand-water. But I did come up with this simple means of spot-watering that has worked consistently well.

It consists of plain old inexpensive 1/2” pvc pipe, hooked up to water of course, and laid to reach whatever you want a spray of water to get to. At each location drill a 1/8” hole downwards right through the pipe. Turn a #12 (I think it is) stainless-steel screw right through the top hole and seat the tip into the bottom one.

Back it off to allow the water to spray out, screw it back in to reduce the intensity of the spray. Screw it down further before backing it off if you want more water flow to your shrub. Screw it in and back out to clear the hole if it gets plugged.

Needless to say, it’s a cinch to add new jets wherever you need them.

I prefer screws with Robertson heads.


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