Undermining the Secret Ballot …… The Canadian Way

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Just what is difficult to understand about the concept of a ‘secret ballot’?

How is the keeping of lists of supposed party supporters, other than those having chosen to join one, anything but a transgression of the spirit and substance of the secret ballot?

How does a phone call asking how you plan to vote not invade the privacy of political choice you are entitled to?

How does the promotion of ‘loyalty’ to a particular party not seek to undermine your freedom to choose independently.

Those are the questions we should be asking.

I don’t need a poll to tell me how to vote, nor do I cloy to a particular party. The only loyalty I am interested in at election time is that of politicians and their parties to the populace and to principal.

It took hundreds of years for the citizenry to get the right to vote. And still political parties seek to trigger the serf mentality that seems to quiver, fearfully, deep in our DNA. Do their beloved ‘polls’ tell them it works for them, or are their ranks so deeply infested with advertisers disease that they¬† have become victims of it?

Either way, it doesn’t work for us. It is not intended to.

Conservative party fraud during the last Federal election, disgraceful as it is, criminal as it should be found to be, is in its way only a more gross example of what our laws accommodate as a matter of course.

Pre-election polls in general are a kind of large-scale contravention of the principle of voter privacy. Could there possibly be a more self-demeaning, disempowered reason for voting a particular way than to join the herd?  Could it be more demeaning to be encouraged to?

Make sacrosanct in every way the privacy of our vote and we might be able to reclaim some of the hard-won democracy that this Conservative government in particular demonstrates so little regard for.

Ours is a culture that fails abysmally to enhance, educate and develop the intellectual independence and capacity of its citizens. Our election campaigns seek to milk votes from a bovine population the way commerce milks dollars from ‘consumers.’

Our parties and the press passively cloy to the de facto ceding of power to leaders, devaluing the role of parliament and reducing the role of Mps to meaninglessness, after which we are audience to righteous hand-wringing when people don’t turn out to vote for them.

People around the world, including Canadian soldiers, get shot to pieces for what they think we have.

Meanwhile , Ottawa capitulates to temporal comfort levels. allowing social media to damage the integrity of national elections by publishing eastern results before western polls close rather than generating the tiniest bit of discomfort by waiting until the election is completely over to count votes and announce results.

Our democracy is a badly leaking vessel, captains and crews content to praise an empty, mime show, posing proud in denial of their dereliction of duty.
We can only hope that the current, ruthless exploitation of its shortcomings by Stephen Harper and his accolytes leads to a wholesale refit, something more than a patch slapped on to a fragile hull.

Now that would take some courage. Is there any to be found in these ‘leaders’ of ours….or do we only look to the soldiers they send to foreign lands for signs that we have any?

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