The Repurposeful Garden

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Summer 2011

I wandered around my garden of a recent mornin’ snapping a picture of this and that, bare as it was of all but a few burgeoning hints of spring, so as to share some of its critical, skeletal elements with you (yes, you, dear reader), many of them fashioned of materials usually to be found in realms outside that of horticulture.

With a species so busy as ours, so industrial, so imaginative and yet quick to toss out and move on to other means and materials, there is no shortage of free or near-to-free-because-mass-produced repositories of our energy and investment…just waiting to be turned to new uses.

Fearless as regards full disclosure, I confess here at the outset that there is something so intrinsically lyrical about a garden that it seems to yearn to be thought of and spoken of and, yes, written of with the lilt of the Irish, as I do here. I have something of an ancestral claim to it and a smidgen of a talent, I like to think (migrate as mine can on, occasion, to other celtic tonalities). And it so lends itself to the long sentences for which I seem to have an abiding (and to some, I know, annoying) inclination.

So, here is a little gallery….snapped together, as it were…. to lure you in, so that you might return to these pages, should I feature a post  elaborating upon one of them until they are all brought fully to fruition. For me then there will be, for some weeks to come, a way to turn away from the follies that so often compel me to write to the wee joys of the imagination with which we are all blessed simply by virtue of being human….if only we are so fortunate as to know it.

To be technical for a moment, friends (and shouldn’t gardeners all be so; friends I mean….and technical as need be): Each image below can be clicked to enlarge it and, when I add text, to take you to the body of that, within which may well be found additional helpful images.


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