The Many Facets of Cattle Panel

April by

Cattle panel, as its name suggests, is primarily manufactured for penning cattle. But it is great for re-purposing in the garden. What I use comes in 16′ lengths 52” wide. The mesh is 6”x8” with one run of 4”x8” along one side. The wire is galvanized and heavy…about 1’4” thick, giving each panel a substantial degree of stiffness that allows it to hold shape independently when sprung into an arch or a curve.

It is easily if noisily cut with a cutting blade on a grinder and less easily with a heavy-duty bolt cutter.

It makes a quick and dirty gate, hinged to a post with a couple of wood staples.

You can throw it up quickly for fencing that serves well to support tall growth or vines.

You can cut it to make long ladders to arch over to your house to support climbing roses, as here with similar but ungalvanized material.


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