Our Very Own ‘Watching the Apples Grow’ 10/27/2011

October by

Serena Eades




Sunshine Coasters….here you go

Our very own ‘Watching the Apples Grow’

For the love of this place that we all know

Lit up by the fiddler and her bow


It is a pleasure to get this song on to the site with Serena Eades now sharing the soundscape with yours truly and Bill Buckingham, who added much to it in his Vancouver studio. Serena’s picture does her justice. I’m not sure she could do other than charm us, personally, musically and on stage.  She plays with the Rakish Angles, a quartet of Sunshine Coast cross-genre musical charmers all, who have generated national interest in Canada.

This song was posted here in an introductory way a few weeks back, mostly, I suppose, because I was tickled with it and couldn’t wait to have others hear it.  It could then also be easily shared around for Katie Angermeyer’s musical group to work with.  Katie had brought me her initial adaptation of the Stan Rogers east-coast version to attempt some further lyrical alchemy on.  She and I and friend and fellow-musician Rick Kobus sat here by the computer, trying out different combinations of verse until we were reasonably happy with it. We groomed it a little over the next several weeks.

In the studio Bill and I doubled up the main instrumental passage to afford Serena as full a measure of space to play as we we could.  I left in a little instrumental passage of my own guitar-playing, of a quality I always hope to attain, only occasionally do and feel I managed to on this song.

As mentioned in earlier posts this is one of ten songs on an album I’m calling ‘Coda Many Colors’.  I’ll feature a new song every week or so and add them to the music page as I go. That is the plan at this point.


[audio:http://www.johnmarian.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Watching-the-Apples-Grow.mp3|titles=Watching the Apples Grow]



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