Oh Babe, You Got Me Reeling

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These are quite cool. Not certain what mounts on them. TV cable perhaps. They are made of a fibrous, rubbery material. With a couple of wrenches it’s asy to separate the ends from the heavy cardboard core. Not particularly pleasant to cut with a saber saw but, short term pain, very long term gain…..they may never disintegrate.

You can use them with the sectioned side up, as full circles, joined half circles or use half of a whole one or simple half-circles of the centers up against the back of a bed.

The sections can be filled as one wishes. I was fortunate to be given a local artist’s collection of beach stones.

Flat-side up they facilitate mowing around a small round bed or, say, a firepit.

I never really found an appealing use for the heavy wooden spool ends associated with logging cable, but these are fine.

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