Something Always Seems to Come Between Us

I love this little song.  For one thing those of us recording it live on North Trail Island got it just right in three goes. For another, I really like the lyrics.  I don’t mind a certain amount of mutually protective correctness around sexuality, unless it becomes omnipresent.  But do we have to pretend that it is not an omnipresent subtextual element, with varying degrees of resonance, in human communication?  Lighten up about it, I say.


I wouldn’t want to keep you from a climax honey

So you can go back to your movie now

I’ve been trying to converse with you

And feeling your distraction

I guess the movie’s more interesting than me somehow

I mean I like you pretty good, honey

But something always seems to come between us

You say that you want me to be your friend

That it hurts you when I don’t take some time for you

But you never seem to listen

When there’s other little things that you would rather do

I mean, I like you pretty good

But sometimes I feel like a convenience

I’ll  keep on trying mostly ‘cause you ask me to

But I don’t like to feel my time is wasted

I’ve other friends to share love with

I’m not a man who’s need for love’s

So desperate that I’ll go out and chase it

I mean I like you pretty good, honey

But sometimes I like to shake your illusion

repeat verse one

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