Saul on Ice

John Ralston Saul’s ‘Voltaire’s Bastards’ may tell you what you already know and certainly clarify what you may suspect about the way ingrained human instincts and behaviours that will likely always endanger democracy, where it exists.  A wonderful book really; a feast to be consumed and savored over a number of days.  It was the catalyst for this song.


Capo at 1st Fret and repeat through vs.


In a world of liars and clever fools

Telling the truth is breaking the rules

Every corporate castrato, every bureaucrat

Knows telling the truth aint where its at

They think life is a game

And we’re just players on the board

The more we seek to be heard the more we’re ignored

They say they have the overview

And know more than us

That we should sit down and be quiet

At the back of the bus



Oh..Oh..Oh..Where did our Democracy go


Can’t you see

We must be vigilant if we’re to be free


In the war of the classes, between modesty and greed

Those who have so much seem endlessly in need

In their gilded delusion, their ivory tower

They hunger for wealth and they hunger for power



Propped-up politicians pose and they preen

Like animated puppets in some Walt Disney scene

While the corporate paymasters pull on the strings

And it aint gonna stop until everybody’s singin



Any native North American

Who speaks from the heart

Can easily tell you what went wrong from the start

Every compromising treaty, every practical retreat

Leads only to more and ends in defeat

The principals of freedom so true and so tried

For which so many ancestors suffered and died

Are slipping away while we cover our eyes

And we cover our ears and we lip-sync the lies


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