Ricki and I

There are people who manage to deal with their own trials and still bring others to a healthier state of being.  If your community is the beneficiary of one such, you are fortunate.  Ricki was a dear friend to me, one who died too young, of cancer.  We shared in subtle and mostly gentle ways an awareness of the contradictory and illusory nature of human existence, often evidenced only in a smile in our eyes.  This song poured itself into existence along with the tears.



Ricki and I had such brilliant conversations


I’d like to have her up on the stage


We could create a great conversation


Form a new fad…make it the rage


It would be marked by moments of truth


It would be marked by mutual appreciation


Turning on the light…living in the moment


Pruning the intellectual vegetation


F                                                                       C

I have a place in her heart and she has one in mine


‘Though when we’re apart, I don’t think she does


And I know I don’t pine

F                                                C

And if she can’t come to me, she knows for sure

G                C

I’ll come to her…..We’ll meet again


It still don’t seem right that she’s not here today

No-one came by to get my Okay

I would have told them, forget it, no way

We love her too much, we want her to stay

But when the sun’s going down and its painting the sky

And the bird’s on the wing and the clouds drift on by

I lean back in my chair and I know its okay

She spent so much of her life preparing to fly

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