Rat Cage Boogie

Is this just me obliquely expressing my dislike for feeling crowded, or is there a connection between the woes human beings experience and our sheer numbers.


Capo behind 2ndfret

Vamping in A7 chord fingering

You put a flirty lady rate and a handsome young male

(She bats her pretty pink eyes at his long, long tail}

In a nice big cage…let ‘em run free

They soon start doing what comes naturally


It don’t take long ‘fore there’s a family

Not much later there’s a family tree


But there’s plenty of food and plenty of room

And it don’t take long ‘till baby rats start playing bride and groom


They do that ratcage boogie,… they do that ratcage boogie

And us human beings is a bit like that

But we’re a long way up the ladder from the lowly rat


Some rats decide to emigrate to the far corners of the cage

When the middle starts to get

A little crowded st some stage

And them corners are so roomy

That of course they all felt free

To start in doing what comes naturally

Doing that ratcage boogie…doing that ratcage boogie

And human history is a bit like that…etc.

The dance was getting dicey and the big boss rats could see

That the social order needed more rigidity

And then to make a long tale short

(If you’ll forgive the pun)

The youngsters started messin’ up the system just for fun

Step everything up one fret (using bar chords)

Yes things were getting messier and sad to say

They got right out of control a little further along the way

The crowds got bigger..the rules got trampled flat

It got more than a little bit scary to be your average rate

Doing that ratcate boogie…that rat cage boogie

Of course we could never be like that cause…..etc.

There was chaos in that cage, anxiety and rage

Lay between the lines that every rat

Was writing on the page

And the rats that perpetrated acts of violence and such

You certainly couldn’t say that their lives were much

They started eating their children,

Killing their mates and mothers

There was gang-rape and incest…now sisters and brothers

I know that these are terrible things to say but thing in that cage got completely away

They were doing that ratcage boogie

And it was hell on earth

That ratcage boogie, I can tell you that its worth

A lot to me to know we’re not like that etc.

You see the rats in that cage, they never understood

That when there’s plenty of room instinct’s well and good

But it never penetrated that tiny rat brain

That when you’re running out of room

Instinct’s gotta change

They did that ratcage boogie right to the end

That ratcage boogie

They did that rat cage boogie…etc.


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