Livin well Enough Alone

The thing about songs as vehicles for practical philosophy is that they require succinctness.  That’s not something that I recall as characteristic of the philosophy I took a bite of at the University of Saskatchewan in the sixties.

In retrospect most of that was masturbatory and of course it was not intended to be succinct: There were books in need of writing, in support of academic careers in need of fashioning or sustaining.

Give me a song anyday.  At least you can dance to it, or sing to it, or alter the lyrics at your own whim or hum while occupied in some useful fashion.  Not to mention having something ultra-portable to keep on hand to get you out of a funk….if you happened to remember it before you get too far into one and have to resort to megadoses of B vitamins or therapy.

Those who find isms make them feel they have a better handle on reality will often find an opponent in me. Certainly, those who feel we should be frightened of living alone have one.  Generally speaking, for that matter, I’m not a beg fan of being frightened of anything other than, say, a charging grizzly or getting caught in the crossfire between feuding drug vendors, neither of which most of us are likely to encounter.

There are costs to living alone, granted. Expenses and resources that might be better shared. But I don’t buy that we should be predisposed to accommodating feelings of depression because of it.

I live alone.  There is much to recommend it.  No-one to arbitrarily make demands of you or to disturb the tranquility you might just achieve; the freedom to relate to the landscape of your life as artists might to their work on canvas or in clay, for whom it seems to be understood that the ways in which they might proceed or the changes they might fashion are entirely up to them.

This little song celebrates the allrightness of living alone.



C                      G                    C

I’m living well enough alone

F                     Dm7                     C

The women I have loved are gone

G                                                   C

I know there’s a lot of men like me


Runnin’ the last lap of life



Dm7                G

Do I get lonesome?




Do I feeling needy?




Am I happy man?



G                                             C

That’s good enough for me

I’m grateful for the love that I have had

It didn’t last forever and that’s sad

But it don’t make the love worth any less

And there were sure some sweet years

When we gave it all our best

Do I…..

There are those who speculate


That’s living all alone

Will be the death of me

Well something will for sure

But that ain’t bad

I just hope to go out grateful

For the life that I have had

And meanwhile

To feel lonesome…..

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