It Wasn’t So Long Ago

It Wasn’t So Long Ago

It Wasn’t so Long Ago


Am                         Dm7-Em

Oh for the dawn is greying

Am                      Dm7-Em

Oh for the misty raining

                                                                                         Am                          Dm

Oh for the tide’s a-changing

                                                                                  Am                                        Dm

I’ll be out from the bunk that I’ve not long lain in

                                                                                Am                                E7        Am

Settin’ the lines that’ll soon be straining

                                                                                          C         G                     Am

    It wasn’t so long ago

                                                                                                     Fma7             C

We all were doin’ fine

          G                                   Am

You’d haul your gear back slow

                                                                                        Fma7                            C

With a fish on every line

                                                                                                   G                                 Am

And then homeward we would sail

                                                                                       Fma7                                C

When the season was all done

                                                                                                        G                              Am

And while the winter winds would wail

                                                                                Fma7                                       Am

      There was enough for everyone

Ah for the bells a’ringing

Oh for the lines a-singing

Oh for the poles a spring

And the far cash registers dingalinging

All for the salmon we’re bringing in

It wasn’t so long ago….etc.

Ah for the wind a-blowing

Oh for the sea’s teeth showing

Oh for the wives a-woeing

And I hope that this boat will keep on going

Home where the harbor waters flowing

It wasn’t so long ago

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