Each Cancer Cell

Choose either as the metaphore for the other, but the parallels between the spread of our species and the concentrations of masses of us in cities to the behaviour of cancer is pretty-well impossible to ignore.  We’ve made huge strides in reducing our vulnerability to disease, are arguably better at avoiding war, at least on the mass scale of the world wars, but if we don’t compensate for factors that have ‘naturally’ controlled the spread of our species, we haven’t avoided the pain, we’ve just shifted it to future generations.  It is not a matter of some of us occupying castles whose gates we wish to slam shut.  The planet, taken as a whole, isn’t anything like a castle.  It is like a vessel.  Judging by the way our settlements and our demand for food are pushing other species into extinction, it is already dangerously overloaded with human passengers.  So….is this song a little harsh?  Well….deny it as we might, so is the reality. And, hey….it’s a light little melody, if not particularly original.
Each Cancer Cell


I’m sure that each cancer cell is a swell individual

Probably has a family, just like you and me


Might live in a tumor, kind of like New York or Vancouver


Or move out to the country

Where the flesh is fresh and pretty


Now each cancer cell by itself might seem quite harmless

But you get ‘em in a bunch and they’re as deadly as can be

They like to celebrate their current growth

And growth potential

And the outcome of their virulence

They sompletely fail to see


Their egos, like their pocketbooks

Expand and keep expanding

But they fail in understanding what the sad result must be

They will grow until they bust

Insisting to the last, they must

And that pitiful, blind lust

Migh be the end of them and thee and me


What if the earth’s a mighty being

Might we be its little brain cells

Not doing our job very well…not caring for our bod

Is our endless search for gain a kind of cancer of the brain

And will the earth fade and remain.

The merest shadow of a god


They say the power of the mind can cure cancer in the body

And I sincerely pray to God that she and he will help us find

The awareness and the will to see that cancers always kill

And the only way to stop them

Is to profoundly change our minds


I’m sure that each cancer cell is a swell individual

Charming, probably talented, efficient to the nth degree

But with their buddies hand in hand

They move like locusts ‘cross the land

And a stubble is left standing

Where the green earth used to be

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