Vamping on C7

Attitude, attitude

It isn’t just a platitude

The present is a present to you

Grope at it, poke at it

Get the dope on it

Find the hope in it for you

Vamp on F

Busy, busy, busy

Are you feelin’ kinda dizzy

Makin’ lists to keep yourself in line


Blame it on the weather

But even when it’s better

Do you see the sun shine


And things aint going to change

If you cry about ’em


Aint going to change at all


If it seems you’re always hurryin’

Can’t get away from worrying


Get on the ball

Attitude, attitude…..etc

If your projects are awaiting

And you’re finding it frustrating

That you never seem to ever get done

Why worry ’bout finishing

Does it really mean a thing

Didn’t you start ’em for fun

And things aint gonna change

If you moan about ’em

Nobody wants you when you whine

Wake yourself, shake yourself

Remove yourself from the shelf

Take yourself and make yourself feel fine


If life seems got so appalling

That you hear the reaper calling

And you think that you have finally had enough

Things are dire and defective

With conditions unelective

And you’re sick to death of wallowing in your stuff

You know there’s always flack flying

Sometimes you’re just out of luck

Aint no use in sighing or oversignifyin’

Sometimes the only thing to do

Is duck



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