Watching the Apples Grow

This west coast version of a song by Stan Rogers came about Katie Angermeyer dropped in one day, along with Rick Kobus to see if I could ‘add value’ to their efforts lyrically and maybe contribute some to the arrangement.  It took shape pretty much right away, we went back and forth on a couple of small issues over the next few weeks, but were pretty much delighted with the outcomes.It was the first song I took to the studio in Vancouver to get the making of ‘Coda’ underway.  The group Katie leads and that Rick and sometimes I play with got a quick and dirty version to work with.  When we got around to really going to work on it in the studio we were joined by Serena Eades, a notably delightful member of our community, who grew up here on the Sunshine Coast and grew also into a wonderful fiddler/violinist.Folks off-coast may know her from her contribution to to that wonderfully undefineable group, The Rakish Angles

Watching the Apples Grow


Dawn breaks bright on the Sunshine Coast


The rooster greets the day

F                                                           C

He’s heading out to scratch beneath the Gravenstein apple trees


Up above Halfmoon Bay

F……                          C         G      C

W…i…i…i. ith…… the city so far away

Looking from the ridge above Welcome Pass

To the islands down below

While the tugboats….tow the timber to the river

Were taking it easy and slow

And….and…..and…..and…..watching the apples grow

F                                   C(C7)

Out on the Coast, such a fine community


Far from the city’s glow

F                                  C

Ladies and gents and children singing


Dancing it heel and toe

F…….                C                     G         C

A….a….a….and….watching the apples grow

Instr   F…G….C….F….G..C

F…G….Am7….Fma9?…D7 ….G. G7….Dm7..G(sic)

I’ve been around the world and across this land

There’s no place I’d rather be

Your smoggy air and your traffic jams don’t do a thing for me

I like my breeze clean, off of the sea

Now the geese go north, the geese go south

The seasons ebb and flow

The maple trees turn golden in September

Long before a whisper of snow

And …..and…..and….we’re

Watching the apples grow

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