Me and My Analgesic Smile ………1/12/2012

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Recently I’ve been sharing, mostly with chronological peers (CP’s), the concept of ‘the analgesic smile.

Just as I speculate that it is endorphins associated with regular exercise that got me past a long spell of enduring, mantra-resistant angst, I now seem able to mute pain associated with deterioration of various joints by laughing (well, smiling) in response to them.

It seems to generate an immediate endorphic relief, with the bonus of a small sense of triumph.

I get there by seeing myself and the importance of what I’m experiencing in a global/universal context. It reminds me that I and my pains are blips on the radar of time and space…..that being overly focused on it either is, well, laughable. It works, which is the objective. Is it illusory…..why would I care? The perspective is valid and can comfortably coexist and swap dialogue with other, more-self-concerned observations.

It turns out that my analgesic smile is indistinguishable from one generated in other ways. Nor could it or should it be taken by anyone concerned to indicate that I am in pain because it reduces and can completely eliminate my experience of that. You don’t have to take a class in it and it can be done anywhere. I don’t suggest that it will work against deep, chronic pain. But who knows? Lets hope I don’t have to find out.

If you can pull it off…. it is just another little way to be self-reliant, always a good thing, and regularly integrating the perspective of your small part in the great unfolding can only contribute to an overall improvement in peace of mind.

That, surely, is of value when living with and benefiting from the understanding that today is not just the first day of the rest of your life but ever-more possibly the last.

You have to love life for the humor and delicious irony imbedded in it. Here am I, regularly and cumulatively picking up a drib here, a drab there of age-related discomfort, yet finding myself perhaps more consistently in good humor and for perhaps longer stretches than I can otherwise recall.

No guarantee that it will last, of course. But there never is. Never was. You relish what you can while you can.

I find it kind of fascinating really to be both the observer as well as the subject of this altogether new-to-me experience of aging. Particularly so in being part of a phenomenon unique to the experience of our species, where a whole generation looks likely to continue living well beyond any biological requirement to do so.

There’s a pile of opportunity in that.

Many of us will not fall prey to intellectual decline. We may instead find ourselves able to think more clearly, unconstrained as to what is permissible, to say what we might have been afraid to during lives bound by an array of compromising obligations and servitudes.

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