Light In the Shadows

April by


People do throw away some wonderful things, for all the efforts we make to recycle. Think for instance of how wonderful a piece of glass is, particularly of the tempered sort….of the mining that went into it…of the manufacturing. But for this short piece it is mirrors I am thinking of.

They show up in the share-shed at the solid-waste site hereabouts and have done for years. And yet it is only recently that it occurred to me to pick some up (mirrored, folding closet doors are great for this) and place them in shady spots so they can reflect light onto the plants there and their images once grown, doubling the visual impact of them.

So I have some under the hedge adjacent to the pond and will add some behind it should I come across more. There’s an overhang on my house under which I grow flowers, herbs and salad greens, that would much benefit from a backing of mirrored glass. Even smaller pieces, perhaps colorfully framed with something like plasticine. Lots of possibilities.

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