It Wasn’t So Long Ago………………… 11/10/2011

November by

Serena Eades


It was a lone gillnetter moored some way from us in Safety Cove on Calvert Island, a mere shadow beneath it’s anchor light, that generated this song.  It seemed complete enough at the time with just the verses and was later recorded that way at the Inner Ear’s studio in Roberts Creek.

Several years after that it was one of three of my songs that Lyn Vernon wanted to include in her production of ‘Roots’, staged at the Heritage Playhouse in Gibson. With the choir playing a large part in the mix of dance, song and spoken word, Lyn asked if I could come up with a chorus that would employ the talents of its members. A couple of days later it sprung to mind as if it had been waiting all along in the wings.  It kind of makes the song, I think, one which the musically inventive and lovely woman pictured here told me she found herself deeply moved by. Her playing reflects that.

[audio:|titles=It wasnt So Long Ago]


We do our best not to lament these days, don’t we?  If much of great value is trampled or lost as we cede ground to the vacuous mantra that ‘change is inevitable’, well, has it ever been otherwise?

To lament is deeply human, an aspect of ourselves that may best be experienced, retrospectively, through poetry or music. Perhaps poetry and music with anything to say generates so little interest and support nowadays because commerce in one form or another is always dishing up a new cheap thrill to distract, ‘excite’, eventually disappoint and be discarded by us: the exploitation of denial, as it were.

But if we allow ourselves to acknowledge loss, might we not find ourselves more readily willing to question and oppose the accepted wisdom of the day that so often precipitates it?



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