Fighting off fear

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January 30, 2011


On top of the other stuff you have to fight through as time takes its toll, you can add the fear of mental deterioration. I’m not talking about the thing itself, just the fear of it.

As in: Am I feeling discombobulated just now because I’ve taken on what would be a challenge at any time (putting this web-site together) and perhaps for anybody, which will always get you feeling that way at times?

Or: Am I dealing with the effects, immediate or cumulative, of getting by on four to (at best) six hours of sleep, usually broken midway, something that’s been going on for a few years now?.

Or: is it the mid-winter blahs? Or that I’ve been at the computer for a couple of hours now without breakfast?

Or: Am I in the early stages of deteriorating mentally on an organic level?

Jeez. It could be any of the above or any combination of them.

My stance? Fear is indeed, as has been well said, a mind-killer. So whatever is going on with me, I determine not to add fear to it.

Most of us live most of our lives without burdening ourselves with looming fear of what might shorten or damage them.

There is so much that could and there always has been.

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