‘Coda Many Colors’-Slow Release 10/25/2011

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All right…..as soon as I finish this post I’m going to write another featuring the first song on what I see as the slow release of what will probably be my last album. You may already given it a listen. Actually, I guess that by appearing here first as a post it will eventually be the last song of the album.  The first, for those eventually inclined to track down through two months worth of posts to hear them, will show up somewhere above here in a couple of months or so..  Isn’t it an ever more topsy-turvy world we live in?

This is my fourth album but only a few folks will get this one in CD form, a few radio stations for example.  The songs on it, for the most part, the songs are likely to be heard by those accessing this site. I’m sure we can find a way to get them in one form or another to anyone wanting a version in their own possession. We will see how and if that unfolds.

CDs, unfortunately in some ways, are obviously no longer the premier means by which music is stored, Mp3s are.  It’s a shame because there is quality lost in Mp3s compared to CDs.  But it’s a convenient format, consuming relatively less computer memory and amenable to being sent via e-mail.

Artists keep putting their music out in CD form and most lose money doing it.  At best they barely break even playing poor-paying gigs in the hope of selling CDs and are lucky to get rid of more than a few.

I have never done that, being unattracted to the life, but have managed to lose money making CDs in my own way.

The Case Against Cases

I will be quite happy to not go to the trouble of getting into the design and and manufacture of CD cases. I’m not mass-marketing.  They add nothing to the actual listening experience, which is what I’m interested in providing. I don’t even see the sense of people actually keeping physical CDs, let alone the covers. Computer memory is so cheap these days that it seems to me to make more sense to load songs, even at full WAV  quality into one and play them from there through phones or your home stereo.

It’s hard to believe radio stations have actual physical CDs taking up valuable space these days, but if they do it seems to me they won’t keep doing so.

So no CD cases….reducing household clutter and staying out of the resources to trash process that undermines the well-being of the planet that bears us on our way around the sun.



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