Attitude….Genrephobia….and more 11/3/2011

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If you are new to this site or haven’t been by for a while, you are entering the slow-release process for ‘Coda Many Colors’. It is is my fourth and possibly last album of songs, as you might intuit from its title, and given the finitude of individual existence.

Most folks who hear this song ‘Attitude’ get at least a chuckle out of it. It would be a timid soul indeed that does not relish at least the odd fiery moment of ‘let the chips fall as they may’ self-expression that frees us from our usual surrender to the appearance of things.

Serena Eades brings her own attitude-rich violin to enhance this song as does Bill Buckingham in multiple ways.

Some tell me it has fortified them in coping with something challenging in their lives.  I take pleasure in the thought that it might have been so and might be so again for someone else.


If you check out the menu to the right under Music and scroll down to Coda Many Colors, you will find last week’s song to the right of the album cover created out of what was available by Sean Murphy, who takes care of the music page and brings a variety of talents to helping make the site effective.  Soon the ten new songs will be up there, along with the songs from previous albums already there.

Alternatively, you can scroll down through these posts.  It’s not far down and along the way you might come across something else of interest to you.

Is this a good way to draw folks to check out my music? Well, I can tell you that doing this and placing a simple little box ad in the local paper, seems to be bringing me lot of friendly smiles when I venture into downtown Sechelt. That has a lot of value to me.

Serena Eades handled the role of studio musician with the grace and substance abundantly evident to those fortunate enough to see and hear her perform and tells me she is delighted to play her part in bringing a number of songs on this album to life and sharing that with the community via this site.

If you are a genrephile, someone who likes their music identifiably of a particular kind, having a week between songs may make mine easier for you to appreciate than listening to the album in one go would….or to any of my album, for that matter.  I might be thought of as coming close to being  genrephobic…… averse to extraneous limits of most kinds.



I’m coming around to the view that the finance sector might be plagued, not with lack  of intelligence (it must require some to get an MBA, one would think) but by lack of imagination.  But then, self-interest as an accredited motivator might well short-circuit the ability to empathize……….with the sensibilities of  customers, for instance.

A couple of months back I got hit with a string of penalty payments to companies whose requisitions for automatic withdrawals ran up against shortages in my Sechelt Credit Union account. Quickly shifting funds to it from elsewhere didn’t, of course, eliminate the hit.

I rarely allowed this account be vulnerable in this way over the years. When I did, a call from the branch allowed me to rectify the situation in time to avoid penalties.

When I phoned to ask why that hadn’t happened this time I was told that this practice had never been a policy but merely a courtesy. Huh…and there I was thinking that courtesy to customers, members of a co-operative in this case, would be policy as a matter of course? I don’t recall being notified that this ‘courtesy’ was being withdrawn. It was not extended to me one last time accompanied by a heads-up that it would not continue to be.

I mention this incident now after seeing that our local Credit Union, a public co-operative in the mind certainly of this member, recently hosted a session with the BCCU’s chief economist on a ‘by-invitation-only’ basis. What were they thinking, that folks were going to flood en masse to a recitation of statistics ostensibly but, as it turns out, not necessarily relevant to our local economy?

More importantly, if the Credit Union is no longer going to operate in spirit as well as action as an open, member-oriented co-operative, away goes a primary reason for its members to choose it over any of the numerous options.

The Credit Union is not alone in falling prey to self-destructive managerial arrogance vis a vis those who provide their raison d’etre.

Master Card, after benefiting for years from the revenue drawn from merchants whose products and services I purchase, and being paid on time, were not satisfied just to hit me with a penalty for being unable, for the first time in their case, to withdraw my payment to them automatically. They also drastically reduced my credit limit.C

I seldom come close to using it. I could ignore the implied slap on the hands. What I didn’t ignore was banality and stupidity of it. I now use a Visa Card for most of my purchases.  As for the Credit Union.  I’ll stick with it for now.  A thirty-five-year relationship with it warrants some consideration, I guess. If only it were reciprocal.


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