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December 15, 2010


How many ideas that once guided have you left behind?

How many thoughts have you articulated in all innocence or otherwise, caught up in the creative flow of conversation, and then found yourself defending them as if they were a castle and you the besieged laird?

Arguments, feuds and wars are prices we pay for fixating on particular ideas or ideologies, for forgetting that we ourselves, over the course of our lives, have been guided by a variety of them, pretty well all of them speculative, at least in their genesis.

A simple shift in our habits of speech might be useful, from speaking of what we ‘think’ to speaking of what we are ‘thinking’, congruent with the transitional  and speculative nature of thought.

Not an appealing idea if you are heavily invested in your status and the associated  ‘quo’.  But there is much to be gained from enjoying intelligence and imagination, your own and that of others, without encumbering it with questions of ownership. When I manage to operate that way….the world is something of a garden and I one of many gardeners who’s reward is to see everything glow and blossom.

Whatever shows up on these pages is the consequence of how I find or have found myself  ‘thinking’.  I have no interest in becoming the prisoner of my own words. This site is about the ways in which my particular existence appears to me to have been and to currently be manifesting itself.  That’s interwoven with my experience and assessment of the outcomes of the thinking of others. It wouldn’t exist without the thinking that generated the technology I’m using or without the skills of those assisting me to use it effectively. I don’t say that gratuitously. It simply wouldn’t.

I offer up this site on the assumption that the rest of you are quite a lot like me, ‘though, undoubtedly, not entirely so. More so than less, I would guess.

Poking around in here you may find yourself reading about yourself, and don’t we all find that intriguing, if not delightful? Especially so, if we find something that helps clarify our own experience and more confidently find our way through the appearance/reality maze of virtually all of our days.

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